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The Best Beach Bags for Your Next Sunny Escape

Our content has been independently selected and contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using the links, we may receive a commission.

When packing for a beach vacation, we go all in on swimsuits and sunglasses—but we often forget one key item: a beach bag.

Investing in a tote for the beach is important because it allows you to bring along everything you need for the day—from a coverup, hat, and SPF to a book and portable speaker. This bag will be exposed to sand, saltwater, sunscreen, and the occasional margarita spill, so it's important to find one that's either waterproof (or water-resistant) or sturdy enough to protect its contents. For the same reason, a zipper is always a plus. If you're the type who always shows up at the beach prepared with all your favorite drinks and snacks, you might even look for a cooler bag.

Of course, you also want a cute beach bag that complements your look—one you won't be embarrassed to turn up to sunset happy hour still wearing.

Find our favorite beach bags from Bogg, Paravel, and more below.

Best Waterproof Beach Bag: Original Bogg Bag

large waterproof tote bag in hunter green from bogg bag

Waterproof, washable, tip-proof, and an extra-large holds up to six full-size towels. Green isn't your favorite color? It comes in several more shades.

Best Budget-Friendly Beach Bag: Straw Tote Handbag

A woven tote in natural cream complements any beach outfit—find this one in particular at Target.

Best Canvas Beach Bag: Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe

catalina deluxe tote bag in organic canvas color from lo and sons

Lo & Sons wins again. Use it as your carry-on and then bring it to the beach—this lightweight, zippered canvas tote does it all.

Best Colorful Beach Bag: Pamela Munson Top Handle Gardener Bag

A rattan base, leather trim, and pops of color. Pamela Munson is known for classic spring and summer totes — that can dressed up or down depending on your post-beach activities.

Best Raffia Beach Bag: Mar y Sol Samana Bag

mar y sol navy tote

Made by artisans in Madagascar and Kenya with renewable materials, this navy striped beach bag is a unique spin on the classic neutral tote.

Best Monogrammed Beach Bag: Cabana Tote

If you're the type of traveler who loads up with books, sunscreen, and snacks, the Paraval Cabana Tote is for you. Choose your favorite colorway, then personalize it with your initials.


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