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The Best Weekender Bags That Fit Everything You Need

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Long gone are the days of shoving your clothes, toiletries, and an extra pair of shoes in a backpack or the duffle bag your parents got you as a high school graduation gift. Not only will you end up with wrinkly clothes and scuffed-up shoes, but you'll also feel the strain of carrying the bulky luggage. Not the ideal way to start a weekend away.

If you want to feel prepared and make any short trip—whether it's a city escape, business trip, long weekend, or simply going back to your hometown for a few days—significantly easier, you'll need to invest in a stylish, roomy weekender bag.

What's a weekender bag? A weekender bag is a cross between a large duffle bag and a tote bag. Big enough for just a couple of outfits, one pair of shoes (two, if you're lucky), and just the essential toiletries. While there are plenty of styles across several price ranges, finding the right one for your trip is essential.

For starters, you'll want one that isn't too bulky or too small.You'll also want a weekender bag with a shoe compartment—that way, you can keep your clothes fresh and separate from your sneakers or sandals. If you can find one that has a shoulder strap too, you're golden. Our favorite weekender bags also fall under the category of "personal item." That way, you can always have your laptop, chargers, a few toiletries, and an extra set of clothes with you if you're traveling by plane.

Our Picks for the Best Weekender Bags for Women

You'll see us return to Cuyana again and again for high-quality essentials. The weekender bag has three different compartments, one of which has three slip pockets for your shoes. The best part? The detachable leather strap allows you the option to carry the bag three ways: crossbody, by hand, or over the shoulder.

triple zipper weekender bag in soft grey/natural color from cuyana

Shay Mitchell's brand, Beis, is one of the more affordable travel brands. This weekender style is just $99, comes with a shoe compartment on the bottom, and features a pocket/sleeve combo that can be used to attach to your rolling suitcase.

black weekender bag from beis by shay mitchell

The Catalina Deluxe weekender bag from Lo & Sons is equal parts functional and classic. It's also the kind of bag that can easily be folded and stored away—bring this one the next time you go on an extended trip that may include shorter trips in between. Think European vacation or study abroad semester.

catalina deluxe weekender bag in washed grey canvas from lo and sons

Tumi comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum, but this weekend bag is worth every penny. It's sleek, it's efficient, and it includes a padded laptop pocket for those who bring work with them everywhere they go.

tumi weekender bag in black


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