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Cashmere Travel Wraps Are the Cozy-chic Accessory You'll Never Want to Fly Without

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Nothing makes a travel day go quite as seamlessly as does wearing a comfy, layered outfit. In the fall, the cooler temperatures and occasional wind chill will require something warm and functional yet stylish. Enter: a cashmere travel wrap. This lightweight, cozy piece is so incredibly versatile, we keep coming up with new ways to wear it.

An everyday cashmere travel wrap, the ultimate travel accessory and addition to any fall outfit, can be styled for every occasion and travel adventure to keep you snug and warm. When the sun starts to heat up, you will love how little effort it takes to simply tuck away in your bag. Whether you wrap yourself up in a luxe Claudia Nichole cashmere travel wrap or wear a White + Warren cashmere travel wrap as a scarf this fall, you will be so glad you invested in this closet staple.

Why Do You Need a Travel Wrap and Where Will You Wear It?

Perfect as a jacket replacement when you’re running out the door or as a warm blanket or scarf on cold airplane rides, a travel wrap is every traveler’s necessity. It is also the ideal companion for your trip, as it will come quite in handy on any sunset-viewing strolls along the beach or on any work meetings for those business travelers. Its versatility speaks for itself, but it’s worth mentioning that the same dependable cashmere travel wrap can take you from fall to winter for years to come.

For a travel day when it’s too warm for a jacket but the plane or train is too cold without one, grab one of this fall’s trending styles, the cashmere poncho. It is also a great addition for those days when your outfit needs a little something to elevate it for an evening out on a chilly night.

Why Is Cashmere Worth the Splurge?

Cashmere, the most luxurious, soft, and sumptuous fabric, is known for its timeless, high-quality nature. Make the investment now in a piece that will maintain its original luxe feel no matter how many times you wear it, and you'll be packing without regrets for trips and trips to come. Its blanket-like feel and smooth but durable nature distinguish cashmere as a high-value fabric that deserves a prominent place in your wardrobe.

How Big Should My Wrap Be?

When searching for the right travel wrap, it’s important to consider the size of wrap that works best for you. Ideally, it would be oversized and roomy yet small enough that you can fold it up and put it into your carry-on upon reaching your sunny destination. Also, if you are looking to wear your travel wrap as a cozy blanket scarf, be sure to factor in just how bulky you’d like your wrap to be.

Which Brands Make the Best Travel Wraps?

For those looking for a more affordable yet still reliably high-quality travel wrap option, look to Quince or Garnet Hill. We also love the ultra-luxurious, slightly oversized cashmere travel wraps from Claudia Nichole and White + Warren for anyone ready to splurge this season. Cuyana, known for its durability and elegance, is another place to search for capes and shawls.

Comfy and Cute Cashmere Travel Wraps

White + Warren’s Cashmere Travel Wrap is its signature piece, and it is known for its multifaceted wearability as a scarf, evening wrap, and comfy blanket.

cashmere travel wrap from white and warren

Cuyana’s Baby Alpaca Square Edge Cape, with a knitted trim and square-cut, is the luxe cape you will wear all fall long.

If “the more oversized the better” suits your style needs, then this Oversized Cashmere Wrap from J.Crew will be the travel wrap of your dreams.

Those in search of a poncho-style travel wrap that can also be worn as a blanket or scarf should check out Cuyana’s Alpaca Blanket Scarf.

This Women's Love BCRF Pure Cashmere Pink Scarf from NakedCashmere is a cozy wrap embellished with the word “love” and also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with each purchase.

nakedcashmere travel wrap

Garnet Hill’s Pure Cashmere Wrap and Quince’s Mongolian Cashmere Wrap are the dependably soft, classic cashmere wraps you will enjoy cozying up in both around the house and on your work trips.

garnet hill cashmere wrap


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