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I Packed This Tank for a Fall Trip — and Now I’m Buying It in Every Color

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

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Tank tops, it turns out, are not just for summer — they're the perfect (and packable) layering piece every suitcase needs.

I learned this the easy way on an early fall trip to New York City. I've always loved an Everlane tank; they come in quality fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and subdued colors that go with everything. So as I packed for NYC, throwing my Everlane micro-rib funnel-neck tank into my bag was a no-brainer.

The elevated neckline on the mockneck is a little bit retro and every bit in style at the moment, but it can be suffocating for a humid East Coast summer day. For a crisp fall day, however, it's all you'll want to wear.

Its fitted, slightly cropped style makes it perfect for layering under a cardigan, a light jacket, or even a flannel. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or a maxi-skirt and add ankle boots or sneakers. Some days, I ended up removing a layer and wearing it as my only top while the sun was shining. Later in the afternoon or evening, I might throw a heavier sweater over it. Either way, my outfits were simple, and I was prepared for any change in weather. I never had to frantically run back to my hotel to change in between meetings as I have on so many other New York trips.

I have it in black and white, and grey and heathered fatigue are next on my must-have list as we get deeper into fall. I picture grey with a pair of dark jeans or wide-leg pants in a complementary jewel tone for dinners out with friends. The heathered fatigure I'd wear to the office or on a work trip, playing up the hint of '70s vibe with a silk scarf. As for the black and white, they'll remain wardrobe staples that go with pretty much any outfit I choose to pack.

What's the Everlane Pima Micro-Rib Funnel-Neck Tank made of?

It's 95% pima cotton and 5% elastane, so machine wash it in cold water to avoid shrinkage.

How's the fit?

It's body-hugging but not too snug, and cropped but not too cropped. It's also super soft and just a little bit stretchy. To get straight to the point: Yes, it's comfy.

What do the reviewers say?

Don't just take it from me, lots of Everlane shoppers gave this purchase five stars. Here are some excerpts:

"Gorgeous neckline that is all class. Fits great not too snug, not too baggy. Happy with this purchase."

"Not only is this cute and easy to layer, but the material is incredibly soft and stretchy."

"This shirt is very soft and flattering. I was concerned it would be too form fitting, but it hugs your shape without being too clingy or tight."

How much does it cost?


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