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What to Pack for a Weekend Golf Trip, According to the Co-founders of RENWICK

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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For some travelers, packing for a golf weekend or a country club excursion can be done in five seconds flat; it's second nature. They grab a polo shirt or two, a sweater, and a few other sporty yet stylish essentials from their closet and throw them in a weekender bag. No second thoughts—and no uncomfortable moments that result from packing the wrong thing (and having to shell out more money at the local golf pro shop for proper attire).

For others—especially those who are unfamiliar with the game of golf but have been roped into playing a few rounds over a long weekend—packing for this type of trip is a nightmare. They think they'll need a whole new wardrobe in order to fit in (or at least look the part). Is there a dress code for the course? Will they need a polo shirt? Three polo shirts? Will they be overdressed? Underdressed?

As always, an informed packing list cures any of these woes. For that, we turn to Sarah Renwick Morse and Pippa Renwick Kennedy, sisters and co-founders of RENWICK. The recently launched golf lifestyle brand for women found a niche that both avid golfers and the occasional putters appreciate (and need).

renwick founders golf packing list
Photo courtesy of RENWICK

The RENWICK mission goes hand in hand with the seamless, stress-free type of packing that elevates your travel. While its pieces (which include short-sleeve, sleeveless, and three-quarter sleeve polos as well as two dress styles) are golf-inspired, they work for all those women "who want versatile, classic pieces that look great and feel comfortable."

Sarah and Pippa, who both live in Connecticut and previously worked in J.Crew's New York offices, are experts at nailing the golf weekend getaway wardrobe. With their help, transitioning from the fairway to post-round drinks to casual dinners will be effortless—even for the most amateur golfers. Like their website reads, "A collar is always right," so let's start there.

This is what to pack for a golf weekend in the summer, according to the co-founders of RENWICK.

Travel Style Q&A with the RENWICK Co-founders

Our travel style is…

Practical, sporty, and classic—we want to appear polished but still comfortable. Lots of blue, white, and stripes. Everything we pack goes together in some way; that way mixing and matching is easy.

Our ideal vacation weekend consists of...

Definitely a summer weekend in Vermont with friends and family. Usually, we'll stay in Manchester—hiking in the morning and golfing in the afternoon, followed by beers around a fire pit with the mountains as a backdrop.

We won’t go on vacation without…

That would have to be the Peloton app. From a 30-minute power walk class in the morning to a 10-minute sleep mediation at night, it helps us stay focused on that mind-body connection (and keep our streak going, even on vacation).

Our tried-and-true travel outfit...

It starts with the RENWICK polo with a blazer, jeans, cashmere wrap, and tkees or sneakers. If we’re going to be in the car for a long time, we’ll wear the RENWICK polo dress or swap the jeans for these joggers.

Our go-to weekend bag...

Always the L.L.Bean Boat and Tote; it's just a classic that can’t be improved. The space in it seems endless, yet everything is still accessible.

Our favorite shoes to travel in...

New Balance 997s in fun colors —they are practical because you can run for the flight, train, or boat... plus the fun color combos add dimension to your outfit.

What to Pack for a Golf Trip in the Summer

renwick golf founders
Photo courtesy of RENWICK

Versatile Top (for on or off the golf course)

We love our periwinkle and white stripe Short Sleeve Polo... a classic look for golf. Afterward, throw on some white jeans and bright colored earrings and you’re ready for cocktails.

Layers for Chilly Mountain Mornings.

Patagonia is the expert here. We love a fun color, and this vest is super light and packable.

Weekend Golf Trip

Cool Golf Shoes

These adidas ones are based on the classic sneak—right up our alley.


Equally useful for lounge or exercise, Luluemon Aligns are part of our daily uniform. They're flattering, functional, and keep the potential for one more workout alive until the sun sets.

Top for the Brewery

This is another staple—such a great, soft fabric that feels dressed up without trying. Another borrowed-from-our-dad classic.


Goes with loving the outdoors, right? We recently got a sample of this from Supergoop and fell in love with how lightweight it is and how it doesn’t leave a white cast.


We keep our house cold, so we like to be covered for a good night’s sleep. These pajamas from Lively are made of supersoft modal, and the pants even have pockets.


Again, we’re looking for form and function, and can’t go wrong with tortoiseshell.

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