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The Most Comfortable Face Masks for Travel

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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Face masks: They’re the travel accessory-turned-necessity we never asked for. Likely not an item on your packing list before COVID-19 hit, they’re now the thing you can’t leave home without.

But choosing the best face mask for travel can be intimidating: do you go for cloth or disposable? Do you need an n95? A mask with a filter pocket? There are certain health rules to follow, and comfort on a long flight is always a priority. After that’s all squared away, you may also ask, how do I make a mask fashionable?

At Just Packed, we love any opportunity to upgrade a travel accessory (and to protect your health, of course), so we’re here to answer the hard questions.

What Are the Mask Rules Travelers Need to Follow?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some mask guidelines you’ll need to know before your trip.

  • First of all, a mask must be worn — and cover your nose and mouth — when “boarding, disembarking, and for the duration of travel” on all forms of public transportation.

  • A new 2021 rule: Cloth masks should be made with two or more layers of a breathable but tightly woven fabric.

  • Your mask should fit snugly against your face.

  • No slits, punctures, or valves (even if it’s an n95 medical mask).

  • Face shields are a supplement, not to be worn solo.

Okay, now, for comfort and fashion. So many of our favorite brands, from Allbirds to Athleta and Madewell, are officially in the mask game. Below, discover some of the best masks to wear for both short and long trips, including sleek black options, colorful prints, breathable fabrics, antiviral and reusable materials, affordable multi-packs, and more.

Our Picks for Most Comfortable (and Cute) Face Masks


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