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The Most Comfortable White Leather Sneakers for Women

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The white sneaker is the epitome of a suitcase staple: It's classic, reappearing decade after decade, and versatile—pair it with literally anything from a jeans-and-tee combination to a floral dress in the summer. It's also one of those styles you can rely on each season. White may be a "summer" color, but on sneakers, it serves as a neutral within an all-season travel wardrobe.

When searching for your ideal pair of bright kicks, the material is key. As anyone who's stepped outside in a white canvas shoe will tell you, white attracts dirt immediately. And when you're covering miles through the streets of Paris, worrying about your shoes getting dirty should be the last thing on your mind. So leather (or vegan leather) is the answer.

But the search for the perfect white leather sneaker can seem daunting and endless. The second you find a pair you cannot travel without, they become worn out or dirty, or, much worse, the particular style is discontinued—not to be found anywhere on the internet. That pair every editor and influencer raves about? You finally ordered them—and the shoes left you $120 poorer and with discomfort whenever you wear them.

No need to worry, though; we've done the heavy lifting and trial testing of white sneakers for you. If you're looking for a new pair of white leather sneakers for your next trip or everyday wear, see our favorite styles below.

Comfortable White Leather Sneakers for Women

veja v-10 lace up sneakers in white

VEJA is a shoe brand known for its comfort. And when it comes to sprinting to your boarding gate or hauling a suitcase to your hotel, you'll be thankful you paid the extra dollars for the white sneaker that won't slip off (or give you painful blisters).

M.Gemi white leather sneakers

Two words that make up a great everyday sneaker: lightweight and minimal. The leather in this M.Gemi style is also super flexible, making the break-in time minimal. The lack of clear branding or logos is the final factor that placed this shoe at the top of our list. You'll never need to worry if they've gone out of style (like that hint-of-green Stan Smith pair).

Our Other Favorite White Leather Sneakers


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