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What to Pack for Jackson Hole in the Summer, According to Lela Rose

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While cowboy boots, hats, suede, and denim are seeing a surge in popularity this year (in part thanks to Bella Hadid’s appearances on the rodeo circuit, Cowboy Carter, etc.), there’s one place where these fashion choices have always been central to the style narrative: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Known for its iconic mountain views, proximity to both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, and authentic affinity for all things rugged and Western, Jackson Hole is a destination that continues to soar in popularity. It’s also home to famed fashion designer Lela Rose, whose ready-to-wear collection, Lela Rose Ranch, is partially inspired by her Wyoming outpost. Travelers can even shop the line inside the flagship store, located just down the road from downtown Jackson, in Wilson, Wyoming. 

“The Lela Rose Ranch store is my passion project, and everything in there has a story to tell,” Rose tells Just Packed. “I fill the store with anything that catches my eye — a black poodle tea set made in Japan, vintage Navajo buckles, fringe skirts made from vintage kimonos, and just anything that I find and love. Somehow we fit so much into this postage stamp-sized store.”

If you’re lucky enough to experience the magic of Jackson Hole, there’s a good chance that, like Rose, you’ll fall for its beauty and incomparable charm — and immediately start to plan your next trip. “The jagged Teton mountain range is unlike other ranges in the US, and I catch my breath every time I see it; the sight never gets old. I gasp every time I round a corner and see the Tetons… there is just something truly majestic about it,” she says.

But before you get your first glimpse of the Tetons — most likely as you land at Jackson Hole Airport, the only commercial airport within a US national park — you’ll need to figure out what to pack for Jackson Hole. And who better than Lela Rose to advise on what to bring with you? Read on for her input on our Jackson Hole summer packing list and a few in-the-know pointers for how to dress in this cowboy town. 

c/o Lela Rose Ranch

What’s your tried-and-true outfit to wear in Jackson Hole in the summer?

Rose keeps it simple — a bit Western but nothing too over-the-top: “a cotton dress and a fabulous turquoise belt!”

What’s the number one thing you think travelers get wrong when trying to "dress Western” in Jackson Hole?

“The giveaway sign of any tourist in Jackson Hole is a felt or beaver hat in the summer. As much as I love them, you just know that someone has landed and gone straight to the local hat shop.” Instead, opt for something lightweight, like a straw hat.

Do you have a go-to bag your carry with you when you’re out and about in Jackson?

“I carry my Kelly Corroon leather hand-painted bag with me everywhere. Chic and functional!”

Lela Rose’s Jackson Hole Summer Packing List

Takeya water bottle

“It’s dry in the Tetons, and this bottle keeps my water cold and crisp.”

A lightweight jacket

“The evenings can get chilly. We carry vintage upcycled suede jackets in the store that are perfect for summer nights.”

Clothes for hiking

One of Rose’s favorite warm-weather activities in Jackson involves the great outdoors, so you’ll want to dress accordingly. “I love to hike as much as possible in the summer (winter as well, but definitely a different kind of hiking,” she says. 

O’Keefe’s Working Hands & Feet Lotion

“It really is dry in the mountains, and this keeps my skin from cracking and getting too dried out.”

Season pass to Grand Teton National Park

"The park has so many adventures and amazing things to see. You can spend hours if not days just wandering around. I feel so lucky to live in a country  that values their national parks, and buying a season pass is a small way to give thanks for that." Keep it tucked away in a fanny pack or light backpack.

Finally, Rose says you can't come to Jackson Hole with a "sense of adventure."

“There is so much to see, experience, and do in the Tetons; don’t limit yourself because you haven’t done some of this before!”

Other Jackson Hole Packing List Essentials


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