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This Pair of Allbirds Is the Perfect Spring Travel Sneaker

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We like to use the phrase "packing efficiently" versus "packing lightly" when traveling—as "lightly" often comes with the connotation of not feeling fully prepared. Efficient packing, however, is often hindered by the important question: Which sneakers should I pack?

Sneakers are heavy and bulky—a traveler's worst nightmare. There are cute sneakers, sneakers to exercise in, and sneakers that photograph well. This conundrum also changes by season; you'll want a lighter pair for summer trips and a thicker, more sturdy pair for trips where you might encounter wintry weather. The best travel sneaker for springtime, however, has to be even more versatile.

Meet the perfect spring travel sneaker, the Allbirds Wool Runner.

Allbirds is a brand known for sleek styles and using natural materials in its products. We also love them for their lightweight build, moisture-wicking material, and wide range of colors—including grey, white, black, and lighter spring shades like pale blue and coral.

While these are made with merino wool, they tend to run on the warmer side; so they're great for plane rides and keep your feet comfortable in varying spring temperatures. The Wool Runners also minimize odor, so if you need to throw them in your carry-on or larger suitcase, you won't have to worry about the leftover foot smell transferring to your clean clothes.

Oh, and did we mention they're machine washable? So after your travels take you miles away and across state lines and oceans, you can come home, remove the laces and insoles, and toss them in the wash.

Pick out your Allbirds Wool Runners for your next spring trip or vacation here.


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