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Best Bras and Underwear for Travel

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car, wearing the right bra and underwear is just as important as having a pair of comfortable shoes. More important, even, since you can't exactly remove either conveniently. Bras that pull or pinch and underwear that squeezes or rides up are off the table. They're not invited on your vacation.

Luckily, there's a wide selection of brands that offer travel-friendly bras and underwear—for all shapes, sizes, and skin colors. Skims, Beyond Yoga, Girlfriend Collective, and Spanx carry some of our go-to styles. And while undergarments seem like an annoying expense sometimes, remember the shoes comparison: Don't let a trip be ruined because you were uncomfortable the entire time.

The Most Comfortable Bras to Wear While Traveling

For the average five-day trip, we usually suggest packing at least a nude t-shirt bra to match your skin tone (bonus points if it can double as a strapless bra) and the queen of all travel bras, the lightly lined bralette. While the exact bra combination will depend on the actual trip activities—if you're going camping or hiking, stick with sports bras instead—these two styles should ensure you have the proper support you need.

Underwire isn't going to be your friend, especially on overnight flights. Below, see our picks for the best travel bras ever—also great for the non-traveling moments and lounging on the sofa.

The Most Comfortable Underwear to Wear While Traveling

Now, finding the right underwear to pack is another story. But first, you need to throw out the old ones. You know the pairs we're talking about. Seriously, stop reading this right now and go throw them out. It's time. Then, you need to decide if you like to travel in thongs or briefs, high-rise or low-rise. Are you planning to wear an outfit on your trip that requires a special kind of underwear? Like white jeans, a body-con dress, or maybe just lots of leggings?

The most basic underwear combination you'll need on the average trip is the following:

  • 2-3 thongs

  • 1-2 briefs (the kind you'd wear to bed)

  • 2 skin-tone or nude panties

Below, see our picks for the most comfortable (and best-reviewed) underwear to pack on your next trip.


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