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Best Loungewear to Travel In

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

It should come as no surprise that we're firmly in the camp of traveling in both comfort and style. Whether you're catching an international flight or simply driving home for the weekend, your experience will be infinitely better if you feel at ease, confident, and completely satisfied with your outfit of choice.

When we want to marry comfort and style for traveling, we look to the category of loungewear. The ultimate travel loungewear should fall under one or more of the following categories: anti-wrinkle, anti-fuzz, machine-washable, transitional, and versatile. We don't want to travel in our cozy but desperately un-fabulous Christmas thermal pajamas or those worn-thin leggings and an old hoodie.

Waistbands should be supportive and firm, not overly tight and restrictive. Sweaters should be soft and breathable; you don't want to be sweating more than necessary as you book it through the terminal before the gate closes. And while those cashmere sets look incredible on that model (and feel just as divine), you'll immediately regret spending the cash on something that has to be hand-washed before re-wearing it for the return journey.

That said, we've narrowed down our winners—the loungewear that promises comfort and a paparazzi-worthy moment at departures and arrivals, a la Eva Chen.

Below, see our picks for the best loungewear to travel in.

Best Loungewear for Women: Tops

Brands like Cuyana, Everlane, and Summersalt have loungewear down to a science. They value comfort, shape, and price point. And when looking for the best tops to travel in, we wanted all three of those characteristics, plus a few more specifics. These are loungewear tops you can layer, they transition well between the cool plane and stuffy customs line, and they work as both on-the-go pieces and perfect additions to your wardrobe upon arrival at your destination.

Best Loungewear for Women: Bottoms

Get rid of those pilled, see-through leggings you cherished ever since you found them on sale at H&M. It's time, we promise. Instead, opt for something timeless and sleek. From Luluemon's iconic Align leggings (you can exchange them for free when they wear out!) to a matching set we wear on literally every trip, scroll through to see our picks for the best bottoms to travel in.


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