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Our Favorite Crossbody Bags to Carry When Exploring New Cities

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

From Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, to a multi-city European adventure, there is one item that will be required at every destination: a crossbody bag. And not just any crossbody will do.

The best crossbody bag for traveling is three things: durable (no chance of a strap unexpectedly breaking), the perfect size (room for daily essentials such as phone, wallet, passport, chapstick, portable charger), and versatile (you don't want to look back at photos and regret the heinous bag you wore in every single one). While some travelers prefer different materials for their purses, we prefer some sort of leather—real or faux—or a sleek nylon. A leather or nylon crossbody runs the gamut of sleek and elegant to casual and relaxed; it's the ultimate day-to-night bag when you don't have access to your complete wardrobe.

"Does a crossbody bag count as my personal item on a flight, though?" Technically, it does. Does it mean you should leave it behind and pack as much as you can in a larger personal item? Absolutely not. Just find a crossbody that's packable—stow it in your suitcase—or compact enough to sneakily slide under your coat for boarding. We won't tell the airline...

Our Picks for the Best Crossbody Bags to Travel With


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