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The Best Travel-Friendly Shoes to Wear on the Airplane

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Thirty percent of a travel uniform is your shoes. They get you from Point A to Point B. While it's a simple concept, finding the right pair is actually harder than expected.

And trust us, wearing the wrong pair of shoes while traveling is the ultimate faux pas. If that should happen... well, let's hope it's a small airport, a short flight, and you have a change of shoes in your bag upon arrival.

There are many factors that go into your travel footwear decision. We've narrowed that list down to four. To find the best shoes for the airplane, you need...

  1. Style. We believe in putting your best foot forward while traveling in the air. Old sneakers and muddy boots can stay at home. Choose a pair that's classic and versatile enough to work with the rest of your suitcase—solid colors and neutrals encouraged.

  2. Comfort. For obvious reasons, traveling in discomfort is miserable. You never know when you'll have to sprint to your departure gate or walk a mile through one of the world's largest terminals. Blister-causing interiors and tall heels have no place in the airport or on the plane.

  3. Ease of Removal. Avoid the judging gazes from other passengers pushing through the security line; slip-on or easy-to-slide-into shoes are the difference between a seamless experience and holding up 20 fellow travelers behind you.

  4. Temperature. You might be heading to Mexico for spring break, but it's highly doubtful (and would actually be concerning) if the temperature of the cabin was a toasty 85 degrees. Your sandals can easily slip into your personal item or carry-on. Choose a slightly more seasonless style to remain comfortable throughout your journey.

Leave your lace-up sneakers, tough-to-remove leather boots, and uncomfortable heels at home. These are the best shoes to wear when traveling via airplane.

Best Shoes to Wear on the Airplane

Slip-on Sneakers

Sporty, casual, and the best bet for fast walkers and those who live for the thrill of barely making their flight.


One step up from the sneaker, loafers (preferably ones you've broken in pre-flight) are the ultimate modern traveler shoe of choice.


Flats that don't give you blisters or make your feet swell mid-flight have our stamp of approval.

Ankle Boots

If you're packing boots for your trip, it's usually wise to see if you can wear them during your travels—giving you more room in your suitcase and leeway as far as luggage weight is concerned.


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