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The Best Travel Leggings Are From Beyond Yoga

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

For the longest time, Lululemon had us sold with the Align leggings. We loved them, wore them on a weekly basis, took them on every trip, and sang their praises to anyone who asked. But in the fall of 2020—after continuously wearing some combination of leggings and a t-shirt—we lost our loyalty to the Lululemon cult classic. The pair that stole our hearts is similar, though: soft, supportive, and high-waisted (obviously). While not cheap, they're worth every penny.

Meet our official pick for the best travel legging of 2021: the Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Leggings.

beyond yoga leggings on three female bodies

At first glance, you're probably thinking: "What is it about this pair of leggings that makes it so special? Can't I get a cheaper pair on Amazon?" To answer the latter question, yes, technically you could find a lower-cost pair on Amazon—and forgo the quality and long-lasting life of the Beyond Yoga style.

The first question, however, requires us to provide some more information.

Why is this the ultimate brand of leggings to travel in? When we're searching for the best leggings (a continuous process), we always check for certain characteristics of the pant. Are they soft? Are they supportive? Do they keep their shape even after an entire day on the go? You get the picture.

Here's how the Beyond Yoga leggings stack up and why they get the title of our favorite travel leggings.

Soft: Beyond Yoga calls it their "buttery-soft performance fabric." It doesn't disappoint.

Supportive: In our expert opinion, leggings should always have a thick, not suffocating, waistband. No one wants to sit on a plane, train, or bus for hours on end in a pair that lacks mid-section support.

Hold Their Shape: You know those travel days that start at the crack of dawn, and you don't arrive at your destination until midnight? You might be worn out, but the leggings will still feel fresh and far from saggy.

High-Waisted: Low-rise leggings should stay in the early 2010s; Beyond Yoga's high-waisted leggings are as flattering as they are comfortable.

Opaque: You won't have to worry when you bend over to pick up your luggage or tie your shoes.

Inclusive sizing: These styles are available in sizes XXS-3X.

Still not sure if these are the best travel leggings ever? Check out the Beyond Yoga reviews.


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