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Packable Rain Boots That Are Actually Cute and Comfortable

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

We know, we know: Rain boots take up way too much space in a suitcase. They're the kind of statement piece you regret packing (because you might wear them one time, max) but also the kind you regret not packing the moment you find yourself sloshing around a new city, ruining the only pair of sneakers you brought. Or there's the other possible regret: the one where your feet are nice and dry inside a pair of rain boots, but you're incurring the worst blisters you've ever had. And nothing ruins a trip like blisters.

The key to avoiding any of these conundrums is packing the right pair of rain boots—ones that are equally comfortable, cute, and compact. For starters, we recommend a shorter, Chelsea-style boot. Leave your tall Hunter boots at home if you're 1) going on a short trip, 2) only packing a carry-on or smaller suitcase, or 3) traveling somewhere that doesn't involve trekking through marshes, ponds, or several inches of water on a daily basis.

While some of the below rain boot styles are waterproof, others are labeled as "water-resistant," meaning they're better options for light rain (great for a spring trip to London) and serve as a more versatile shoe in your suitcase—you'll never feel out of place in a giant pair of rain boots after misreading the weather forecast.

Pro tip: Make sure you pack thicker socks that rise above the top of the shoe; even the most comfortable, worn-in rain boots have a tendency to rub on the backs of your calves. Another trick: Layer a taller sock over a pair of normal footie socks; this provides more cushion between your delicate heel and the back of the tough rubber shoe.

The Best Packable Rain Boots for Women


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