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Holiday Travel Style with Atlanta Designer Abbey Glass

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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While dresses are a year-round staple, they're also, admittedly, hard to pack. They're not always versatile, and they can take up a lot of room in your bag.

But if there's one time of the year when packing a dress is essential, it's the holidays. Christmas parties, ringing in the New Year, and celebrating with friends and family are on the agenda, and the right dress (read: flattering, stylish, and comfortable) can be the perfect one-and-done festive look.

And who do you go to for a dress like that? Atlanta-based designer Abbey Glass knows a thing or two about getting dressed up. Her eponymous line, which she started in 2015, features feminine silhouettes and playful colors. Below, Abbey shares her holiday packing essentials, her favorite dress from her collection, and her go-to outfit in the winter months.

Holiday Travel Style with Abbey Glass

My personal style is…

Classic with a twist. I love vintage pieces, and I love something unexpected. I like simple, easy-to-wear silhouettes in fun fabrics that make you feel inspired.

My favorite way to spend the holidays is...

With family, eating, drinking, and laughing together! I have two sisters, and we can entertain each other for hours on end cooking and telling stories about when we were little.

I can’t go home for the holidays without…

I always pack a party dress, even if we’re going skiing. You never know when everyone’s going to want to go out — and I always want to have something fun to wear if we do.

My tried-and-true outfit to wear during the holidays…

I’m a black or white turtleneck girl. Whether I’m wearing it under a dress or with a pair of trousers, I always need a turtleneck.

My go-to bag to travel with during the holidays…

If we’re going skiing, I have an amazing Patagonia backpack I love to travel with. Otherwise, I always have a Patagonia duffel. I also love my State fanny pack.

If you see me at a holiday party, I’m probably wearing these shoes...

I love my classic stretch suede knee-high boots with a stiletto heel. I splurged on them a few years ago and they are always a great holiday party shoe.

Favorite brands of clothing to wear during the holidays:

Of course, lots of dressing up means lots of Abbey Glass. I also love my White + Warren cashmere, and I’ve got some great faux leather pants from Spanx I wear almost weekly.

What do you always pack when going home for the holidays?

A dress is a must-have when going home. You never know when you’re going to get invited out for a cocktail or want to join in at a family friend’s party! I would choose the

Diane Dress; dress it down with a boot, or dress it up with a heel. It’s totally versatile and so easy to pack in the chiffon fabric.


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