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The Most Stylish Straw Sun Hats for Women

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

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There's no doubt about it: Packing a straw hat on vacation can be a hassle. While you may be envisioning yourself wearing it along the beach in Mexico, coconut drink in hand, strolling along the white sand beach, you're probably overlooking the fact that you have to carry it from your house to your destination and back again. So what should you do?

Sun Hats for Women
  1. Bring a "packable" sun hat style that easily folds up in your bag or suitcase. While it might not be your first choice, the packable straw hat will make the journey to and from the destination easier. Slip it into your personal item or carry-on suitcase, and readjust the material upon arrival.

  2. Find a sun hat style that is cute enough, flattering enough, and provides plenty of sun in order for the extra effort to be worth it. And you have to take a lot of photos while wearing it. Sunglasses optional.

No matter the option you chose, finding the perfect sunhat makes lounging by the pool much more enjoyable. There's something glamorous about leafing through a magazine, your face shaded from the sun and hidden from the rest of the vacation-goers.

Below, we found the most stylish straw sun hats for travelers going to warm destinations this spring and summer.

The Best Straw Sun Hats to Pack for Vacation

Our favorite places to shop for straw sun hats include varying price points. Amazon for impulse purchases; your flight for Aruba leaves in two days and you can't find your hat from last summer.

Sarah Bray, a Bermuda-based designer, when you want a special sun hat, complete with a colorful bow to tie under your chin. Handwoven from fine seagrass, these hats can be adjusted to flip out or in, depending on your preference.

Tuckernuck usually stocks both trendy and timeless sun hats; it's also a solid choice for quality pieces. Hint: Use code YOUROCK for 20% off your order.

Find your favorite straw sun hat below (then start dreaming of your next tropical adventure).


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