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What to Pack for a Honeymoon in Fiji

Updated: Feb 15

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Fiji is a dream honeymoon destination—romantic overwater bungalows, crystal-clear water, picture-perfect sunsets—but packing for the trip of a lifetime can be stressful. You’re already busy planning a wedding (and picking out all the looks), but you’ll want to feel prepared once you land in the South Pacific, too. You’ll have these memories (and photos) forever, after all. 

image of VOMO in Fiji
Photo c/o VOMO

Book a private island resort in Fiji, and you’re upping the ante yet again. Karen Marvell is the director of sales and marketing at VOMO, and she has 35 years of experience working with properties in Fiji. “VOMO is a private island oasis that offers an exclusive haven perfect for honeymooners,” she tells us. “As soon as you set foot on this private island, a sense of calm envelops you.”

Marvell says the welcoming locals are a huge part of what makes Fiji feel so inviting. “The genuine warmth of the Fijian people will catch you off guard, and it might initially seem too good to be true,” she said. “However, it quickly becomes evident that their care and unique style of hospitality is deeply authentic and heartfelt.” 

poolside at VOMO in Fiji
Photo c/o VOMO

In Fijian culture, it's important to ensure guests feel completely at home and welcome, she explains. And while returning a warm smile might be Fiji’s unofficial golden rule, its number one packing rule, according to Marvell, is “leave the heels at home.” In fact, she says you can get away with packing light: “You won’t need a lot of different clothes because you spend a lot of time in your swimsuit.”

Still, you won’t want to show up empty-handed, so Marvell has helped us create the perfect Fiji packing list for honeymooners.


What is a common Fiji packing mistake to avoid? 

“Leave your high heels at home.  Most of the time you will be barefoot, or you may like to pop on a casual sandal to wear to dinner. You won’t need a lot of different clothes because you spend a lot of time in your swimsuit. We suggest some shorts, shirts, swimsuit, kaftans, sarongs, loose-fitting sundresses for ladies, and some light cotton shirts for men.”

What is the No. 1 thing a bride should pack for her Fiji honeymoon? 

“Tropical attire! Be sure to pack a hat, multiple swimsuits (you will live in them), kaftans for stylish yet comfortable everyday outfits, and definitely don't forget reef-safe sunscreen!”


What about a groom?  

“The absolute same! The simpler the better.”


Is there anything you’d suggest packing to enhance the experience as a couple?

“Bringing along a GoPro would be fantastic for capturing cherished memories as a couple, especially one that is waterproof to capture all the snorkeling and diving. Additionally, consider packing trainers for a wonderful hike to the summit of Mt Vomo; the breathtaking views of the surrounding islands will be an experience you'll treasure forever.”

What beachy brand(s) do you love for Fiji packing? 

“We especially love Australian brands here such as Tigerlily or even Camilla – they really have resort wear figured out! For sunscreen, we recommend Airyday, a ‘supercharged SPF with skincare goodness’ brand. For kaftans? Tracy Ann Farrington makes the most wonderful ones locally.”

Any favorite swimwear to recommend?  

“One of our favorites for men's swimwear is the Rocks Push Shorts. They're not only stylish but also environmentally conscious, crafted from PET bottles and recycled fishing nets. You can also find them at the VOMO boutique. For women, we’ve been loving Bimby & Roy’s undergarments, which are made to double as swimwear. And while they are designed in Australia, they are ethically and sustainably made here in Fiji.”


What about for special dinners?

“You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful lightweight dress or ensemble from Spell, also a sustainably minded brand from Australia.”

And any go-to activewear?   

Vuori offers such wonderful activewear for both men and women, designed in such a sleek resort-like mind with some timeless pieces. An Australian-made and ethical brand our guests also seem to be wearing a lot would be dk active.”


Favorite sandals?

REEF makes wonderful sandals! The company was founded by two South American brothers who spend their time at the beach and wanted to create the perfect shoe that could take them to the beach, into town, and wherever they wanted to go in comfort.”

Something to pack to ease a long flight

“Take a sarong that can double as a shawl/blanket on the flight.”


What are 5 must-pack essentials for a honeymoon in Fiji?   


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