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What to Pack for a Trip to Todos Santos, Mexico

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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Todos Santos, a little over an hour from Los Cabos International Airport, is the ideal destination for those looking to relax, sip on mezcal, and get their fill of fresh food.

The sleepy town is known for its position backing the Sierra Laguna mountains and its abundance of farms growing everything from avocados to papayas. Plus, it's unbelievably photogenic at every turn. Cacti populate the desert, and the sunsets are truly spectacular.

When should you visit Todos Santos?

Think late spring/early summer: May and June are ideal to visit the Mexican town, but October and November are also quite enjoyable. Try to avoid the stormy (and hot) peak of summer.

Where should you stay in Todos Santos?

For those looking to truly get away from it all (and by that we mean you'll find yourself down a long, dirt road), Hotel San Cristóbal is a picture-perfect spot. With both mountain and sea views, it's the ideal getaway for those who love to get some exercise before camping out by the pool or beach for the rest of the day. Two other options: El Perdido and Paradero Hotel also have views you've likely seen in the pages of Conde Nast Traveler—or your Instagram feed.

If you're craving a beach-meets-desert-meets-mountains vacation, Todos Santos is your place. Now you just need to book your plane tickets, make hotel reservations, and pack your bags.

About that... not sure what to pack for your trip to Todos Santos? Check out our packing list below.

Packing List: Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Casual Hiking Clothes

You don't need your most professional hiking gear to take advantage of the town's intermediate-level hikes. Athletic shorts and a tank top will do the trick. Add a fanny pack if you're feeling extra sporty.

Swimsuit and Coverup

You're at the beach. Pack a swimsuit and a coverup shirt or dress for the pool—and don't forget to reapply your sunscreen. See our full beach packing list for more.

Light Layers

When the sun goes down in Todos Santos, it's going to get a little bit chilly. Linen pants and a light sweatshirt or button-down will be key for staying comfortable as you finish off your second (or third margarita).

Day-to-Night Dress

In case you want to dress up and head to El Mirador or Jazamango for dinner, you'll need something a bit more elevated.

Shoes: Casual Sandals, Block Heels, Sneakers

Three pairs of shoes and you'll be set: casual sandals for your trek from the pool bar to your lounge chair, block heels for night festivities, and sneakers for exploring and hiking.

Accessories: Straw Bag, Hat, Sunglasses

You're in Mexico—it gets hot. Bring your straw bag as your personal item on the plane, and accessorize with a sun-blocking hat and your biggest pair of shades.


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