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Stylish Fanny Packs and Belt Bags We Like to Travel With

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Fanny packs—also known as bum bags, belt bags, or waist bags—come and go in the world of fashion trends. While some seasons they're "in," making appearances across your Instagram feed, and some they're technically "out," we like to keep at least one in our closets for hiking, dog walks, and the occasional weekend in a new city.

We're not talking about the tie-dye fanny pack you still have from college parties or the neon one from your best friend's bachelorette party. Nope, the only fanny pack you should keep in your closet is one that is simple, stylish, and, most of all, functional. The perfect fanny pack to travel with is one that looks great over a blazer jacket, doesn't feel out of place when you're wearing athleisure pieces, and has plenty of room for your wallet, phone, and keys. This means materials like nylon or other cheap synthetics are out the door—unless, of course, you're only going to use it once. In that case, definitely pick up a $15 fanny pack from Amazon.

The fanny pack styles (and one sling bag) you'll find below are a bit sturdier, much more modern, and versatile. If you prefer leather bags—ones that leave all hints of outdoorsy activities behind—try this style from Lo & Sons. If you're taking your fanny pack on a jaunt through national parks, this water-repellent version for Athleta should do the trick.

Our Picks for the Most Stylish and Functional Fanny Packs


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